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Are you working on a new build project or a refurbishment?  Let us show you our range of surface finishes!

sink coated with micromortar

Materials, training and guidance 

We work to service professional installers.  We provide you with innovative and high quality microcement and micro metallic materials as well as the expert advice how to obtain the best possible results to satisfy the final client.

The success of your business is based on delivering a result that will delight your client.  We help you to have the level of confidence and expertise required to achieve just that. Talk to us to find out more about our training and ongoing technical advice programme from basic to advanced levels.

micromortar coating on a stair

Excellence and Professionalism 

You want to install the products so that the end result is living up to the expectations of your client.

Our materials are reliable, they do exactly what they are supposed to and they are performing the same way each time so you will be able to plan the work and deliver according to your plan.

microcement coated floor lounge

We are just a phone call away 

We deliver next day if needed, from our local warehouse.  We send to your nominated place, be it your place or directly to site.

If you need some assistance, you can attend our workshops.  If you want to talk to us while you are on the job, just give us a call.

Talk to us today!

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